Topic 3: The Problems of Nuclear Spent Fuel – Overview

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Nuclear Spent Fuel


 What will you learn in Topic 3?

  • What happens to the fuel inside a reactor.
  • How simple UO2 is transformed into hundreds of different isotopes.
  • How different actinides and fission products are produced.
  • What happens to the fuel outside a reactor as the isotopes decay.
  • What happens over the really long term.
  • The proliferation risks of spent fuel.
  • The risks of spent fuel to public health.
  • The security risks of spent fuel.
  • Policy responses to non-proliferation risks.
  • Recent multilateral efforts to control the risks associated with spent fuel.
  • And more!

Roadmap to Topic 3

Review of Basic Concepts:

The Chain Reaction

Remember Fission?

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How Isotopes are Made Inside the Reactor


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