Topic 3: The Problems of Spent Nuclear Fuel – Step 27

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  1. Start a Google Hangout!
  2. Divide your teammates into “affirmative” (pro) pairs and “negative” (con) pairs. Try to make your pairs cross-cultural (US and Russian).
  3. Conduct an impromptu debate, with your mentor as the moderator.
  4. Choose or randomly assign one of the following resolutions to a group of 4 (2 affirmative and 2 negative).
  5. After assigning the resolution give each debate team 5 minutes to prepare.
  6. Begin the debate! See the debate format below.


  1. Spent nuclear fuel is a problem needing an international solution.
  2. Countries should continue to reprocess their spent fuel.
  3. Countries should protect their sovereignty and work out their own solution, rather than partner with other countries.
  4. Limits should be placed on how much separated Pu can be produced.
  5. Reprocessing is more efficient than geological repository or deep borehole disposal.

Two-on-Two Format (American Parliamentary Debate Format)

  •  AC= Affirmative Constructive
  • AR = Affirmative Rebuttal
  • NC = Negative Constructive
  • NR = Negative Rebuttal

 2-2 debate