Topic 3: The Problems of Spent Nuclear Fuel – Step 12

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Chapter 2 Part I

Quiz and Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking

According to a Blue Ribbon Commission study:

“A step forward in managing spent fuel could be achieved by the development of a centralized interim storage facility. Such a facility would allow fuel to be moved away from reactor sites, as DOE [Department of Energy] would accept the fuel and consolidate it at one or more sites in the US.”

“Spent Fuel Management: How Centralized interim storage can expand options and reduce costs,” A study conducted for the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future. By Cliff W. Hamal, Julie M. Carey, and Christopher L. Ring, Mary 16, 2011.

Start a Hangout!

Start a Hangout!

Discuss with your teammates and your mentor the advantages and disadvantages of a centralized interim storage facility. Consider proliferation, safety and security risks involved.