Topic 2: Introduction to Nuclear Energy – Step 33

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Topic 2 Chapter 5 Part I


FYI (For Your Information)

Lybia’s Nuclear Program

According to official testimony, Libya spent hundreds of millions of dollars on its nuclear program since the 1990s. After Colonel Qadhdhafi’s public disclosure of Libya’s secret nuclear weapons program in December 2003, IAEA inspections confirmed that nuclear equipment had been transferred to Libya via the “Khan network.” It is estimated that over 30 companies in 12 countries around the world may have been involved in the network. The majority of these network affiliates disguised transactions by selling commercial equipment for water treatment and oil drilling in conjunction with transfers of nuclear technology. The dual-use nature of much of the equipment often meant that many firms were unaware of their contribution to Libya’s nuclear program. Currently, half a dozen “workshops” have been identified as having manufactured centrifuge components for the Khan network. However, there are many other links in the network that require further investigation. For example, uncertainties still exist as to the source of particular components, such as the maraging steel needed for manufacturing rotors for the P-2 gas centrifuges. Read More.