Topic 2: Introduction to Nuclear Energy – Step 2

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Critical Thinking

Discuss the meaning of this quote with your team members:

The peaceful and military aspects of nuclear energy are intrinsically linked and it is impossible to separate them.

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in·trin·sic/inˈtrinzik/ (Adjective)

Belonging naturally; essential.

Belonging to a thing by its very naturemass, charge and spin are intrinsic properties of an electron.

1.  native, innate, natural, true, real. See essential.

1.  extrinsic.

intrinsically (Adverb)

“The way in which a scientist approaches the world must be the result of a sense of wonder that is intrinsically childlike.”

Fried, Seth, Animalcula: A Young Scientist’s Guide to New Creatures, The Kenyon Review, Spring 2011

“…people play games because games are intrinsically fun or rewarding.”

James Temple, Lessons in gaming; Principles can affect learning and behavior, San Francisco Chronicle, 2012