Topic 2: Introduction to Nuclear Energy – Step 18

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Chapter 3 Part II Critical Thinking

Several states in the international community are concerned that Iran’s production of enriched uranium could lead to the production of nuclear weapons.

Iran says it is enriching uranium for reactor fuel to produce energy.

If fuel for a nuclear reactor requires only 3% to 5% highly enriched uranium (HEU), and a nuclear bomb requires more than 90% HEU, why do you think these states so concerned that Iran will produce nuclear weapons in a relatively short time?


  1. Discuss with your teammates and mentor. Record your collective answer.

  2. Watch the Chapter 3, Part II video.

  3. Go back to your original answer. Would you change it? How would you change it? Discuss with your teammates and mentor.

  4. Check the answer at the end of this topic.


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