Topic 3: The Problems of Nuclear Spent Fuel

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Nuclear Spent Fuel


 What will you learn in Topic 3?

  • What happens to the fuel inside a reactor.
  • How simple UO2 is transformed into hundreds of different isotopes.
  • How different actinides and fission products are produced.
  • What happens to the fuel outside a reactor as the isotopes decay.
  • What happens over the really long term.
  • The proliferation risks of spent fuel.
  • The risks of spent fuel to public health.
  • The security risks of spent fuel.
  • Policy responses to non-proliferation risks.
  • Recent multilateral efforts to control the risks associated with spent fuel.
  • And more!

Roadmap to Topic 3

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Review of Basic Concepts:

The Chain Reaction

Remember Fission?

Step 1

Chapter 1, Part I Vocabulary

Test Your Knowledge

Step   2


mod 3 ch 1 part 1 table image

Chapter 1, Part I Video:

How Isotopes are Made Inside the Reactor


Step   3

Chapter 1 Part I Quizzes

Step   4

Outside the Reactor

Topic 3 Chapter 1 Part II

word scramble

Word Jumble

Step 5

Chapter 1 Part II

Critical Thinking Question

Step 6

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Chapter 1, Part II Video:

How Isotopes Are Produced Outside the Reactor

Step 7

Chapter 1 Part II Quiz

Step 8

Spent Fuel Risks and Responses

Topic 3 Chapter 2

risks and responses


Step 9

Topic 3 Chapter 2


Step 10

radiological terror_alteredChapter 2, Part I Video:

Spent Fuel Risks

Step 11

Chapter 2 Part I

Quiz & Critical Thinking

Step 12

Chapter 2 Part II:

Spent Fuel Responses

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Fill-in Activity

Step 13

sgfuelbasket_alteredChapter 2 Part II Video:

Spent Fuel Responses

Step 14

Chapter 2 Part II

Quiz & Investigation

Step 15

How Do We Manage SNF?

Topic 3 Chapter 3


Step 16

Topic 3 Chapter 3

acronym image

Do you know your acronyms?

Step 17

Chapter 3, Part I Video:

 reprocessing gloves

How Do We Manage SNF?

Step 18

Chapter 2 Part I


Step 19

Chapter 3 Part II:


Step 20

Chapter 3 Part II

crit thinking Q T 3 ch 3 Pt II new

Critical Thinking Question

Step 21

Chapter 3 Part II Video:


How Do We Manage SNF?

Step 22

Chapter 3 Part II


Step 23

Spent Fuel: A Global Outlook

Topic 3 Chapter 4


What is a ton?

Step 24

Topic 3 Chapter 4 Video:

SNF map 

Spent Fuel: A Global Outlook

Step 25

Topic 3 Chapter 4 Part I


Step 26

Chapter 4 Part II



Step 27

Chapter 4 Part II Video


Spent Fuel: A Global Outlook

Step 28

Chapter 4 Part II


Step 29

Congratulations! You’re done.

Time to go on to Topic 4 and develop your own solution to SNF!