Topic 1: Basic Nuclear Physics

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What will you learn in Topic 1?

  • All about the nuclear atom, including the general location of the protons, neutrons, and electrons
  • The relative size of the nucleus compared to the size of the atom
  • The modern description of the electron
  • Definitions for isotope, atomic number, and mass number
  • Use of the Periodic Table of Elements
  • The difference between fission and fusion
  • The isotopes involved in radioactivity, radioactive decay, and the health effects of radioactivity
  • The relative energies and wavelengths of the radiant energy: gamma rays, X rays, etc.
  • The dual nature of radioactivity

 Roadmap to Topic 1

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Introductory Video

Step   1

Review of the Concepts

Step   2

Critical Thinking for Chapter 1

Step   3

Vocabulary for Chapter 1

Step   4

Understanding Fission and   Fusion

Step   5

Periodic Table Game

Step   6

Chapter 1 Video: We Are All Made of Starstuff

What does a dying star have to do with our life on earth and nuclear spent fuel?

Step   7

Chapter 1 Quiz

Step   8

Critical Thinking for Chapter 2

Step   9

Thinking about Fukushima: What do you know about Radioactivity?

Step   10

Chapter 2 Video: Up Close and Personal with the Nucleus

What holds the nucleus together and what does it tell us about isotopes and their behavior?

Step   11

Chapter 2 Quiz

Step 12

Critical Thinking Question for Chapter 3

Step 13

More about Fukushima: Looking for Isotopes Activity and Discussion

Step 14

English Idiom: “Pack a punch”

Step 15

Chapter 3 Video: Isotopes Pack a Punch

What is radioactive decay and how does it relate to the behavior of isotopes?

Step 16

Chapter 3 Quiz

Step 17

English Idiom: “Double-edged sword”

Step 18

Chapter 4 Video: The Double-Edged Sword

What are the types of radiation, and how do its health effects impact the problem of nuclear spent fuel?

Step 19

Chapter 4 Quiz & Final Assessment

Step 20